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F-22 is a series of combat flight simulation computer games from NovaLogic, produced only for the PC. The gameplay is centered about the player taking control of an F-22 Raptor fighter jet produced by Lockheed Martin. The third game of the series was released on May 25, 1999 and was successor of earlier game F-22 Lightning II (released in 1996). For the era, both games displayed impressive graphics and featured physics only relatively similar to that of actual flight.Predecessor F-22 Lightning II was released on September 30, 1996. Its minimum requirements were 486/100 MHz or equivalent CPU, 8 MB RAM and 35 MB hard drive space. It was released for DOS and was much more detailed in comparison to contemporary combat flight simulators like Jane’s US Navy Fighters.The title of the game was derived from the proposed name of the F-22, but by 1999 (the game’s release year), the USAF had officially named the F22 the Raptor, rather than Lightning.

F-22 Lightning 3 failed to exhibit physics modeling comparable to the physics displayed in DiD’s F-22 ADF which was released 2 years earlier. This was later explained by NovaLogic, which claimed a ‘hard core’ military flight simulator was never intended, but an easily approachable multiplayer platform was the actual aim in producing the game.The third game itself is not so much an all-out simulation, but a combat flying game for more casual players, featuring gameplay that is easier to access than some of its rivals; namely the Falcon series or games from Digital Integration. F-22 Lightning 3 featured a host of actual weaponry featured in the F-22’s arsenal, such as AMRAAM missiles, Sidewinders, 20 mm Vulcan Gatling gun, HARMs, JDAMs, various types of iron bombs, and the B61 10-kiloton tacticalthermonuclear free-fall bomb. Due to the stealth capabilities of the F-22, the player rarely needed to worry of any heat signatures the aircraft could produce.

  • Genre : Action | Simulation
  • OS : Windows
  • Language : English
  • License : Free | Demo
  • Published By : NovaLogic
  • Size : 7.31 MB

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