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Arx Fatalis is a partially open source first-person role-playing video game for the Xbox and Microsoft Windows, released on November 2002 by Arkane Studios, a video game developer based in Lyon, France.Arx Fatalis has a somewhat open-ended gameplay style, allowing the player to allocate skill points for the character type such as spellcasting, weapons and armor, stealth, and so on. There are several side quests that can be undertaken. Simple crafting involves enchanting ammunition and weapons, making a fishing rod (fishing pole + rope), keyrings (key + ring), dough (flour + water), pies (dough + rolling pin + optional apple+ optional bottle of wine), powder (bone/plant + pestle and mortar), and potions (powder + empty bottle + still). Some food can be cooked: dough -> round of bread, chicken drumsticks, fish, pies, and ribs (meat). The main plotline is non-linear with the player collecting the various items to forge a sword required to defeat Akbaa in a final showdown. Additional goals come up such as dealing with the rebels of Arx, the snake women and The King of Arx.

The player can resolve the conflict between them all and experience several different endings to the conflict with different consequences somewhat affecting the story.There is no dialogue system in Arx Fatalis. Rather, the player is able to make choices through actions which lead to different consequences. There are also multiple ways to finish quests and the player can progress through the game in several different ways. For example, the player can use force to kill enemies and break down doors, or they can use stealth and avoid enemies.

  • Genre : Action
  • OS : Windows
  • Language : English
  • License : Free | Demo
  • Published By : Jowood
  • Size : 153.11 MB


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