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AquaNox (from Latin: aqua – “water” and nox – “night”) is a series of submarine-based shooter/simulation games set in the distant future. The collection includes AquaNox, AquaNox 2: Revelation and AquaNox: The Angel’s Tears. The predecessor and the starter of the series is the MS-DOS title Archimedean Dynasty.The game splits up into a series of primary and secondary missions, which allow the player to proceed in the storyline as well as earn additional funds. Those ‘credits’ can then be used to upgrade the various vessels owned by Emerald ‘Deadeye’Flint with a huge array of offensive and defensive upgrades, such as additional, and/or more powerful primary weapons, torpedoes and torpedo storage and turret command software, generators, hull plating, Buzzers (technically underwater flares to break a torpedo’s lock on your ship), noise reduction technology, a booster, and a fixer.The control of the game is designed for the use of a joystick. The player is confronted with maneuvering through narrow canyons, deep sea currents and enemy fire. You can also use your keyboard W is forward A is back or brake. Hitting W twice will give you a boost in acceleration if you have the ‘Booster’ installed.

  • Genre : Action
  • OS : Windows
  • Language : English
  • License : Free | Demo
  • Published By : Blue Byte
  • Size : 60.72 MB

Download AquaNox_Internetdemo_Install_eng.exe

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